PAPOLA is an engineering company that operates in accordance with the Company Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 EA Sector 34.

PAPOLA has obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 Sector EA: 34 on 30th January 2003 with the relative update of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

The local unit of Papola S.r.l. present in the Chemical Pole of Ferrara has also acquired the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 on 27th October 2014.

In 2016, PAPOLA srl was one of the first companies to obtain the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The team worked hard all year long to make sure the modifications and innovations suggested by the  International Organization System were implemented.  Some of our staff best practices were shared with the whole organization.

Our Quality System varied significantly in the following aspects:

  • Risk Analysis;
  • Organizational analysis: internal and external contexts;

Objectives are broken down into small clear action plans for all work procedures.