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Eclog Network
Ped Bio Engineering
2015 fair Lebanon

Eclog Network
The association was born out of the experience of a dynamic group of entrepreneurs in the engineering, construction and logistic fields. Several companies have decided to pull their resources and expertise to offer first class products and services. Located in the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Veneto , the association is dedicated not only to promoting its technologies but also the skills, integrity and reliability of its members in finding innovative solutions that are environmental-friendly, safe and global economy oriented.

Ped Bio Engineering
The Biogas market in Italy was running low due to a significant change of the Italian legislation. So we decided to take our know-how abroad. in Romania, a country with extensive farming and agricultural lands.
After several meetings with the staff of Unindustria Ferrara, Romania was chosen being an agricultural country with extensive holdings, as the country of purpose to export our experience in the construction of technological systems. Upon market analysis and three business trips to Timisoara; the decision to open a local company as a first step was taken. The decision was made concrete on 13
th September 2013 by the registration of the company “Ped Bio Engineering” constituted by 3 societies from Ferrara DES, ECHOSID and PAPOLA SRL.
The company conglomerates a multiannual and international experience with a solid know how in the engineering and construction of :

– Waste water treatment implants;

– Water purification implants;

– Production of electrical and thermal energy from biogas plants and other renewable resources.

For more information , visit www.ped-bio-engineering.eu

In an attempt to expand its activities and align cultural growth with market ones, Papola srl has taken a first trip to apprehend more the middle east in December 2014.
Lebanon has been chosen as the country of reference as it represents, nonetheless its complicated geopolitical situation, a strong lobby to the goings of the whole region. A series of interviews with key figures, authorities and locals helped size the analysis of potentialities in the country.
By mapping Italian presence and regulatory stakeholders, Papola srl decided to have a closure look by participating at one of the most important exhibition “Project Lebanon” and returned in June 2015 to understand how to access sectors of its interest.
The road is still at the beginning. Papola srl believes that opportunities grow when unpredictability is high.

Horizon 2020
In a first attempt to further develop the know how in the renewable fuels technologies, Papola participated in collaboration with Delta Engineering services srl in research programs funded by the Region Emilia Romagna for a total investments of more than € 800’000.
Being two SMEs with know- how and dedicated resources for technology engineering in the field of energy from renewable fuels; the aim to the 2 companies would be to invest resources through H2020 framework and have identified organic waste treatment as a key topic. The 2 organizations would contribute with numerous figures from senior managers dedicated to the coordination of technical resources and scientific program to researchers , engineers and chemists.


The PIL is an experimental university program designed to help students in the transition from college to work.
The PIL is promoted and developed by the Job Centre at the University of Ferrara , proposed to graduates of the University.
The goal is to qualify students and support them to enter the labor market through a phase of integrated education – training – work period of 18 months.
In particular , the PIL program consists of introducing a group of undergraduates in companies and public institutions with the aim of signing an employment contract of 12 months , preceded by a series of specific classroom training courses (120 hours ) and an internship (350 hours); the full cycle spread over two semesters .
The aim is to conclude this cycle by a confirmation of the job position and a first real working experience.
PAPOLA srl has signed a convention with UNIFE to sign work contracts for internship positions.

Eclog Network
Ped Bio Engineering
2015 fair Lebanon

Our Timeline

1983 - Opening of the first offices in Bersaglieri del Po Street in the center of Ferrara
1984 - The start of the Fire engineering activities
1988 - The start of the collaboration with the Techno pole of Ferrara
1993 - The start of the instrumentation activities
1996 - The start of the safety engineering activity
2002 - Transformation into SRL- society of engineering
2003 - Inauguration of the actual offices in via Giovanni Calvino
2009 - The start of Biogas activities
2012 - Internationalization- first glance
2013 - Anniversary of 30 years of activity
2013 - Founding of a company in Romania Ped Bio Engineering along with two other companies from Ferrara
2014 - Scouting Activities Middle East.