Davide Papola

Davide Papola Civil & Fire Engineer From 2016 Email: davide.papola@papola.it   Skype: davide.papola Social Network:   Istruzione M.A. in Civil Engineering  from the University of Ferrara Member of the board of engineers of Ferrara with membership n. 2204   Personal Message “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining” J. F.…

Fabio Gilli

Fabio Gilli

Junior Technician
From 2012

Email: fabio.gilli@papola.it


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Diploma in electrical engineering and automation


Personal Message:
I don’t know if I will ever become someone important in life, but one thing is certain, I will always remain myself, and this will be my greatest achievement (Carlo Bisecco).

Alessio Volta

Alessio Volta Chief Engineer From 2004 Email: alessio.volta@papola.it   Social Network: skype: alessio.volta1   Education: B.A. in Materials Engineering from the University of Ferrara Member of the board of engineers of Ferrara with membership n. 1868   Personal Message: I believe that working in a company necessitates everybody’s cohesion. Having the mental flexibility, the desire…

Silvia Massari

Silvia Massari Administration From 1996 Email: silvia.massari@papola.it   Social Network: skype: silvia.massari Linkedin   Education: B.A in economics   Personal Message: Work is part of our life and if we want to improve it, we also must try to improve and expand our business horizons., I am convinced that much of what seemed to happen…

Lara Guernelli

Lara Guernelli Senior Technician From 1995 Email: lara.guernelli@papola.it   Social Network:   Education: Diploma in land surveying   Personal Message: I started working at Papola immediately after graduation so I was growing up personally and professionally along with , growth of the company. I think that work, as a source for personal growth, requires a…

Marcello Vaccari

Marcello Vaccari Electrical & Instrumentation Dept. Manager From 1991 Email: marcello.vaccari@papola.it   Social Network: Instagram Skype: Marcello-vaccari   Education: Diploma  in commerce Diploma in programming (Enaip)   Personal Message: For the role I fill in and the various issues that arise every day, I don’t have one true motto but a vision of work that meets…

Umberto Scanavini

Umberto Scanavini

Senior Technician
From 1992

Email: umberto.scanavini@papola.it


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Diploma in Electronics


Personal Message:
To recall one’s past in life as at work, is the prerequisite for embarking on a path towards the future.
What makes one unique is the ability to design and realize his dreams.

Rodolfo PAPOLA

Rodolfo PAPOLA CEO Email: rodolfo.papola@papola.it   Social Network: Linkedin:  Officine italiane innovazione Twitter: @PapolaRodolfo Skype: rodolfo.papola   Education: Diploma in electrical engineering Enabling for the free profession from 1981 Member of industrial technicians’ board of Rovigo with membership n. 170   Personal Message: Leading a company is a privilege that life gifted me; I don’t live…