1983 - Opening of the first offices in Bersaglieri del Po Street in the center of Ferrara
1984 - The start of the Fire engineering activities
1988 - The start of the collaboration with the Techno pole of Ferrara
1993 - The start of the instrumentation activities
1996 - The start of the safety engineering activity
2002 - Transformation into SRL- society of engineering
2003 - Inauguration of the actual offices in via Giovanni Calvino
2009 - The start of Biogas activities
2012 - Internationalization- first glance
2013 - Anniversary of 30 years of activity
2013 - Founding of a company in Romania Ped Bio Engineering along with two other companies from Ferrara
2014 - Scouting Activities Middle East.

1983 The journey begins, the first projects of electrical systems were executed. At the time, there was no CAD ;drawings were done by ink and pen.


1984 The start of activities in the vast and fascinating field of fire safety strongly stimulated by “emergency” legislation 918/84 issued at the time in an attempt to raise the security level of the various facilities and activities.

1988 The first activity at the pole of Ferrara, for the extraordinary industrial world company “HIMONT” led by Raoul Gardini, with the adventure of the moor of Venice in which we took part with electrical design activities at the Tencara shipyard in Marghera.

1993 the Instrumental control systems: the nervous system of an industrial plant, became part of our technical proposal, initially with the development of wiring systems as activity of expertise, up to the integrated design of the entire system today.

1996 In the 90s, new laws were published claiming to outdo the post war (50s/60s) legislations – one of which is the 494/96 law which draws attention on Safety at Work.

2002 The big leap towards the future took place when along professionalism, a fundamental and indispensable characteristic, the value of organizational and managerial competences typical of the company management, was supported and recognized. All thanks to the legislative evolution that had finally established the criteria for the exercise of intellectual professions in corporate form.

2003 The settlement at its present venue accompanied the corporate transformation with exemptions and facilities in line with the company’s development programs.

2009 The renewable energy sector is launched in PAPOLA srl, being identified as a developing sector in the production of electricity from BIOGAS.

2012  To broaden the horizons far beyond our backyard! This is a need and a challenge that every company is facing to give future to its activities in Italy- our first glance was to distant
countries: Thailand and Cambodia.

2013 Papola organizes an exhibition with the association “Autori di Viaggio” at the cloister of St. Paul in Ferrara to remind everyone that work is not just about numbers, amounts, contracts, but it is also, and above all, about professional and human history made of emotions, situations and hopes that are specific to each member of the company.
The exhibition consisted of the an artistic representation of the technical path of PAPOLA according to Italian regions, involving the Viewer on a journey in time and space through “carnets” representing in a joyous and informal way, the beauty of places, cities and sites.


2014 Being an associate member of Unindustria Ferrara, PAPOLA srl organized with the collaboration of AP&Partners a conference on reducing risks and driving business values.

2015 There’s no greater mission than educating youth. PAPOLA srl  was delighted to participate in the PMI Day organized by Confindustria. The aim of the initiative, launched in 2010 is to welcome students in the companies and show them around to have a closer look at the workplace and the daily activities. The students were welcomed by PAPOLA’s staff and had the opportunity to discuss with several figures and ask questions. To be able to convey knowledge to community is a great privilege.

2016 Change is the one true constant in business. It implies transition and transformation; thus, getting out of comfort zone. Often, the hardest thing to change is one’s culture. Papola srl had the chance to convey its experience to a significant platform at the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara during the conference “Cultural resistance to change at workplace and difficulties of coping with it”.