PAPOLA is a multidisciplinary engineering company in the industrial, commercial and renewable energy fields with the ability to develop preliminary designs and to execute projects carrying out relationships whit the local authorities.

Vision  Papola 2020

 Safety, Efficiency & Quality

Mission  Papola 2020

Thrive in delivering quality service to our customers while generating profit.

Core Values
Core Values are the descriptions of the strategies that support our vision and employ to accomplish our mission. They are the guiding principles that dictate actions and behaviors. They are the underlying competencies that we sum up to our technical competencies to shape the culture of the company.

Core values are the basics in decision making processes.

Customer Commitment :
Commitment to the Customer means giving customers 100% attention, anticipating their needs, being honest and upfront with all details, terms and conditions. customer’s commitment in business relationships does pay off in increased profits.

Quality and value delivered:
All services provided by PAPOLA srl are the result of decades of combined experience in different sectors. While blending great design and great marketing, we never lose sight of also creating practical and effective enclosures to meet the demanding needs of our clients for outstanding design and premium quality while value-engineering for economical production.

Integrity and accountability:
Though lacking in the business of today, accountability and integrity remain
distinguished qualities that allow employees to feel more involved in the company and therefore capable of performing more efficiently and more creatively.

The scope of empowerment is to heighten productivity and a better quality of work life. It is concretized by job enlargement and job enrichment which both recall training to increase the depth of the job to include not only traditional responsibilities but also additional ones and to push up the confidence of the employee to make more initiatives.

The sense of community is expanded from the mere sense of belonging within the company with all relative senses of identity, emotional connection, common story and security to go beyond the collective energy and provide wider goals and visions that replicate a warmer image of the company initially selling services.
From the multifaceted concept of corporate social responsibility, Papola srl dedicates its efforts to select social causes that are dearest to the hearts of its employees and provide funding and resources along with commitment of its employees in a social group born to devote time to charity. Environmental action and community involvement

Continuous improvement:
It is a primary pillar in lean management and is strictly tied to strategic planning.
It is not an initiative but it is a concept carried out by every employee kept clean on the end goal of every single project.