PAPOLA offers integrated design services, feasibility studies, preliminary plans in addition to technical management and construction assistance including testing and obtaining necessary permits.

Fire & Safety Engineering

PAPOLA is able to provide analysis and study of the measures of safety and fire prevention in the workplace, with a summing up of the risk assessment as required by the regulations. Particular expertise has been developed for areas with danger of explosion, ATEX.

Work safety in construction sites with the drafting of security plans and coordination at runtime, drafting of documents specific to particular risks.

PAPOLA provides a variety of industrial fire protection engineering consulting services, from the development of fire protection philosophies and code consultation to the design and onsite evaluation of fire protection systems and plants.

PAPOLA deals with the commands of the Fire Brigade and local authorities.

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

MV and LV electrical systems, major transportation networks and distribution Terminal. F.M., lighting systems, ground networks and lightning protection. Instrumental plants for automation and control of industrial process plants.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency consists of a series of activities intended to set energy savings targets and proposes concrete measures and actions at the level of energy consumption thanks to a more rational use of available resources.

PAPOLA is able to develop and manage projects for the reduction of energy costs by improving energy efficiency. Owing to our expertise, we are able to select the most suitable technological solutions to improve efficiency, reduce power consumption and energy costs for companies.

Our services start with the study of complex industrial processes and extends to the use of the most simple tools in everyday life. Our ultimate goal is to help the environment, assisting the client through the reduction of overall consumption of energy.